air, how come you get to hold the baby and keep him to yourself?" Niamh walked into the room, blue eyes blazing with life and humor. The wild child, the ruffest, tuffest of them all, except for maybe Cullen. She tugged on Brodie's braid; www.xvideo shoved Niall unceremoniously out of the way and smoothly lifted Brodie onto her lap. "My turn," she said. She rubbed her face in Brodie's hair. "You smell good, Baby. What's up?" Before Brodie could answer, Dyllan strode gay xvideos into the xvide room, stormy gray blue eyes assessing Brodie carefully. He gave Brodie a quick kiss on the cheek. Dyllan, who Brodie thought of as the 'real' youngest O'Brien. The one who had to fight for everything he got. The recipient of all of the hand xvideos.con me downs, and beat downs by his playful older brothers and sisters. The one who found his soul mates by the age of seven. As territorial as Dyllan was, not once had he excluded his baby brother from the relationship he had with Lacey and Kai. Brodie was included and beloved by all three. Brodie looked at Dyllan xvideos anal and smiled. When he was little, he hadn't had to tag after the three of them; they took him wherever they were going willingly. Lacey and Kai were seconds telugu xvideos behind Dyllan. "Our turn," Lacey said sweetly, smiling at Niamh. Niamh, just like all of the O'Briens, a little bit in love with Lacey, handed Brodie over peacefully. Brodie settled across the three of them and cuddled into Lacey. Mary Katherine and Quinn were x vedios next. When Cullen and Shannon arrived, it was a free for all and everyone xvideos teen was fighting to be the next to hold x-videos the baby. When Peggy arrived, wondering what all the noise was about, she xvidio shook her head. "Still fighting over the baby. xvids All of you are loco," she said laughing. "C'mon down, if I know my kids, I know y'all are hungry. I'll order pizza." By the end of the evening, stuffed with pizza and surrounded by love, Brodie had decided that even if Jax didn't want him as a lover, they could still be best friends. It was enough. It would have to be. ******************************** Incredible as it seemed, Brodie wanted him. Jax hugged that thought to himself like a miser hoarding gold. He argued back and forth with himself. Just when he'd convince himself that it was true, a little voice of doubt would appear and www.xvideos.com he would start thinking that he was crazy to even consider that Brodie desired him as anything other xvideos japanese than a very good friend. xvideos indo He battled with himself on a daily basis www xvideos.com for a couple of weeks. Finally, he saw how unhappy Brodie was and decided to do something. He would do anything www xvideos com to take that look of xx videos sadness out xvideoss of Brodie's eyes even if it meant making a fool xvidos of himself. It probably had nothing to do with him but maybe he could help Brodie with whatever it was. Somehow, he never found the right time to say anything to Brodie. Every time mom xvideos he started to broach the subject with Brodie, or to ask Brodie what was wrong, his throat closed with fear. He just couldn't do it. One night when they were onstage, enervated by the energy arcing between the five of them, once again, Jax gave into impulse. xvideoscom The next song was one he had written when he had first realized his feelings for Brodie. He had written the words and Brodie and he had written the xvideos video music together. The music for the chorus of the song x videos was an elaborate xvidios weave of his voice and Brodie's sax. When they played this song, both relied heavily upon the effortless communication between the two xvidio of them. Jax's eyes were on Brodie's; watching him play and following the notes he was playing with his voice and then the words he had written to express his love: In my soul...I wait for you...in my body I wait for you....In xvideos porno my heart I wait for you This world...a wasteland...without you This xvideos tamil longing...never to be denied...this desire I am unable to hide If you were mine, I'd give you sunshine, song and moonlight It's always you...always been x video you...always will be you... All ways....always....All ways....always Jax kept his eyes on Brodie's as he sang. Every time he sang the chorus, he would xxxvideos look directly at Brodie, praying that Brodie would understand. He could tell the instant when Brodie started realizing that Jax was xvideos free singing xvideos xvideos to him, about him. There was a gradually dawning awareness...me? Then, x.videos Jax could see doubt rising...NO. Jax looked at Brodie intently. Giving him the look. THINK. Me? Brodie's eyes said. Yes...you. As he finished singing the last chorus, Jax looked at Brodie and riffed, fine, delicate notes rising in the air, soaring through the room; light, buoyant and www.xvideos.com full of love. I want xvidios you I want you I really really want you Brodie x video.com purred. The sax made a xvideos indian sensual, low, growling sound that had Jax's toes curling in his shoes. Brodie let loose with a series of elated notes that brought the listening audience to their feet as they watched him submerge himself into the music, playing his joy. Jax just stared, spellbound by Brodie, so intense, so passionate, the fierce life of him shining. When Brodie played the chorus once more, Jax joined in softly, voice lowering gradually, yet crystal clear, until the song came to an videos x end. Brodie looked at Jax again, still not entirely certain that he understood. Jax gave Brodie xvideos.com one of his rare smiles and nodded. Brodie wiped his sweaty face www.xvideos xvideos xvideos of with one of the towels they kept onstage. He avoided Jax as they xvideos free were loading the equipment into xvideo com Cutt's van. Jax was giving him a ride home. Crazy as it xxx videos seemed, he was afraid to be alone with Jax. The ride to wwwxvideos Brodie's house was tense and silent. Feeling raw and on edge, Jax didn't even turn the radio on. Brodie, turned inward, didn't notice. ********************************* 9 When they arrived at Brodie's house, Jax entered Brodie's bedroom feeling like he had made a huge mistake. Brodie closed the door and leaned back against it. His face was x videos naked and vulnerable. "Jax," he said hoarsely, and then stopped. He swallowed and started again. "Maybe, I misunderstood." "You didn't," Jax said. xvideo.com "Jax." Once again, xvideos hentai Brodie stumbled for words. "You wrote that song over three years ago." He frowned in bewilderment. Jax looked at him, blue gaze unwavering and patient, knowing that Brodie needed this. "I know." "Just now, I thought, maybe, that you were singing to me." "I was." Jax answered. "No, I mean, I thought that you were singing the www xvideos.com words of that song desi xvideos to me." Brodie's www.xvideos com heart was beating so rapidly that its movement was visible through the thin material of the t-shirt he was wearing. "I was, Brodie," Jax said. "I xvideos indonesia wrote the song xvideos in for you, about gay xvideos you. My feelings for you." "Jax, I know...I know... If I seem a little slow right now, it's because I really need xvideos to make sure I understand. Because, if I come over there," he warned, "once I start touching you, I don't think I'll be able to stop." Jax shivered, minute, gossamer chills racing through his entire body. He was hard and aching. He had been all night long. Being on the receiving end of Brodie's relentless focus was slightly xvieos unnerving and incredibly arousing. Brodie continued, "Do you want me, Jax?" Jax's feelings were communicated in the revealing, unguarded expression in xvideos 2 his eyes before he responded emphatically, "Yes. Oh. Yes." Brodie walked over to xvidio him, narrowing the space between them so their bodies were touching lightly. He looked down at Jax, into his always solemn blue eyes. Deliberately, he brushed the hair away from Jax's face in a gesture that porno xvideos he had repeated thousands of times over the span of years that he had known Jax. Jax shivered again. Brodie pressed a tender, hesitant kiss against Jax's temple. He grazed his lips across xxvideo Jax's face, delicately and carefully. Jax's eyes drifted shut, weighted with desire. He whimpered when he felt the tip of Brodie's tongue tracing the curve of his ear. 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Jax was returning his kiss, just as desperately, trembling and shaking in Brodie's arms. Brodie bit Jax's lower lip gently, and pulled away, resting his forehead on Jax's. Jax groaned in protest. He buried his face into Brodie's chest, struggling for control. He held his slim body tensely. Moments passed before he became aware of Brodie's large hand soothingly stroking his back. He shuddered within the circle of Brodie's arms, and then raised hazy blue eyes to Brodie's beautiful face. "I want you so much, Brodie," he whispered. Fire xvideos video xxxvideo and anticipation xvideos jp streaked through him and he shifted restlessly when he felt Brodie's fingers at the top button xvideos.con of his shirt. Brodie removed Jax's clothing the way he opened his Christmas presents, carefully, with xxvideos a sense of unfettered excitement and anticipation. He xvideos anal gazed into Jax's eyes the entire time, as if he were afraid that Jax would regain his senses and stop him at some point. 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Jax x-videos was grinding his hard, aching penis into the bed. "Stop that," Brodie chided huskily and turned Jax over so that he was once again on his back. Jax's body was quivering violently. Fine tremors that he couldn't control. His bottom lip was held firmly between his teeth. Brodie zeroed in right on Jax nipples, standing plump and erect with arousal. When he took first one and then the other in between his teeth and nibbled tenderly, Jax arched his back, curled his knees inward xvideos com reflexively and groaned helplessly. Brodie lifted his mouth and traced lazy curly cues across xvideos hd the xvide hard surface of Jax's abdomen with the tip of one finger. The muscles there contracted and hardened. He buried his hand in the fine black triangle of hair at Jax's crotch, and then moved down so that he was in between Jax's x video.com open legs. He studied Jax's penis and testicles. Pretty. 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He sheathed and lubed himself with an unexpected expertise. Patiently and gingerly he inserted one finger at a time into Jax's anal canal, twisting and turning them as Jax rocked on them sensuously. When Brodie inserted his middle finger and started searching around, Jax stopped breathing. Brodie found what he was looking for and rubbed the tip hd xvideos of his middle finger across Jax's prostate over and over and over again, Jax took a long, shuddering breath and opened his mouth on a silent scream. Brodie's cock lurched wildly. He removed his fingers and lay on top of Jax. He looked down into those ever-serious blue eyes. He had no words for this. Jax japanese xvideos nodded his head and pulled Brodie's mouth down to his. Effortlessly, Brodie lifted Jax's xvideos hentai hips into xx videos his hands and slowly, incrementally inserted his penis into Jax. Jax winced. Brodie was getting a funny feeling. He broke their kiss and looked down at Jax. "I thought..." 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Three more. "I love you," he said. Jax smiled. A luminescent, curve of the lips that took Brodie's breath away. Unable to find xvideos teen his voice, Jax mouthed, Everything, everything to you. Jax wrapped his arms and legs around Brodie. The force of his embrace caused Brodie to collapse onto his chest and they both lost air at the sensation of skin to skin. Brodie established a slow, rhythmic stroking...in and out...in and out. Jax captured the rhythm and moved xvideos in in www.xvideo counterpoint. It felt...soooo good. Brodie's thrusting was almost agonizingly slow. Lazy. Easy. Jax felt every inch of xvideos .com Brodie's xvideos .com cock as it penetrated him. Pulling back, that slow, sweet, aching burning. Returning to burrow inside of him, in excruciating increments, replacing the unbearable emptiness that he experienced with each withdrawal. 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He wrapped his arms around Jax porno xvideos and shuddered uncontrollably as cum was violently expelled from his penis in rhythmic, pulsing jets of endless pleasure. His abdominal muscles were hot, hard, wet and steamy with perspiration, repeatedly contracting and releasing against the sensitive underside of Jax's penis, creating an xvideos hd agonizing friction. When xvideos download Brodie gently grazed his teeth across Jax's neck, xvideo com the added video x stimulation triggered Jax's orgasm and he came with long, hard, forceful spurts as his ejaculate was released. Jax kept his legs wrapped around Brodie, unwilling to let him go. He could still feel Brodie's cock, hard xxx videos xvieos and throbbing within him. Brodie licked at the sweat on Jax's neck. "You taste so sweet," he said, voice muffled and face buried in the tender area between Jax's neck and shoulder. A trail of goose bumps xvideos mom rose across Jax's body. His xvideos hentai cock was still hard too and although Brodie had explored him from the top of his head to the tips of his toes, he hadn't had the chance to do the same in return. Reluctantly, he xvideoscom let his legs slide down so that www.xvideos com they were on the outside of Brodie's. He turned his head www xvideos to the side and nuzzled at Brodie's face. "My turn," he whispered. He skimmed xvideos download soft lips over every surface of Brodie's face and neck that he could reach. And then, he did something that he had fantasized about for years: he xvideos gay removed the elastic band at the tip of Brodie's tightly woven braid and started to xxvideos unbraid Brodie's hair. By the time he had finished, he was breathless with hunger and need. He buried his fingers in Brodie's silky, burnished copper strands and combed his hair out so that it was a curtain of bronze satin lying over top of the both of them. He grabbed a handful and rubbed it across his face. "I've dreamed about this for so long," he said so xvideos indonesia softly that Brodie almost didn't hear him. "Can I...sit on top of you?" he asked Brodie shyly. Brodie smiled at him and then shifted onto his back, bringing www xvideos Jax with xvidos.com him. Jax combed indian xvideos Brodie's hair out once xvideo gay japanese xvideos again so that it was lying across the pillow. It looked like a halo of copper and fire. Jax wiped the sweat from Brodie's brow with careful fingers. He traced the fine lines of Brodie's angelic features, across the red gold brows, the high cheekbones, the strong curve desi xvideos of his jaw, the xvideos .com dimpled chin. His touch was tender and worshipful and full of love. Brodie looked up at him, still unable xvidoes to believe that they xvido were here, the two of them together, like this. Jax continued his loving exploration of Brodie first with his hands and then, disengaging from his place on Brodie's lap, with his mouth. His xvideoss lips traversed Brodie's golden apricot, smooth skin, exploring every surface and x videos.com crevice, savoring the taste of Brodie, finally. When he xvideos 2 reached Brodie's cock, he licked from shaft to glans with leisurely swipes of his tongue. He toyed with the small gathering of tissue on the underside of the shaft, beneath mom xvideos the glans until Brodie was writhing and twisting in heated response. He slid just the tip of the glans into his mouth and lashed at it violently. Brodie grasped xvideos indian Jax's head and pushed downward, not roughly, but forcefully enough to make his need known. xvideos video "Please, Jax," he begged. Jax xvideos porn slid his mouth down until he could feel the tip of Brodie's penis at the back xvedio of his throat. He opened his mouth wider and not entirely sure how he was doing it, opened www.xvideo.com the back of his throat until Brodie's cock was completely covered. 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Don't...stop..." xvideos mom Jax tried to push his finger in further. Brodie's back arched and his head moved back and forth on the pillow. With one hand, Jax cupped Brodie's balls and with the other, he began to forcefully move his finger in and out of his ass. Jax could tell that Brodie was right on the edge. He changed his position so that he was in between Brodie's legs xvideos.com and looking up at him. The sight of Jax's xvideos anal blue eyes looking up at him, inflamed with lust and seeing his cock in Jax's luscious, scorching hot, wet mouth, made Brodie cum. He watched, eyes half closed x-videos and heavy with desire as Jax's mouth rose and fell on his cock. Jax kept his eyes riveted on Brodie's as he swallowed each and every drop of savory cream. Jax rose up onto his knees and started to fist his porn xvideos cock wwwxvideos.com rapidly; knowing that it wouldn't xvido take much for him to cum. www xvideos com Brodie leaned up and stopped x.videos him. 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